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Congratulations – It’s your wedding day! The professional wedding team of experts at Party Masters can help you make your wedding day as special, memorable, fun, stress-free and best of all... for the right price! We understand that you have a lot of critical decisions to make for your wedding day, and our experienced wedding event planning staff can help you design the perfect Arizona wedding day just for you!

In essence, a wedding is like a family reunion. Family members will reunite and reminisce for the first time in years while new faces are introduced to the extended family. With the natural emotions of the occasion, the anxieties of reuniting with family members and meeting new people can be overwhelming. The professionalism of the entertainment and the music selection will ease their anxieties and help transform a family gathering into an exciting celebration.

Party Masters can provide all of the services you need for your wedding day. The proper music and professional sound equipment for your ceremony and reception with our experienced wedding DJs. If you have your own music entertainment, or want to add to our wedding DJ services, capture the best moments and images with our professional Wedding Photography service and live action with our Wedding Videography service. Add a fun Wedding reception Green Screen Photo Booth for you and your guest to take photos that will be printed immediately at the photo booth for everyone to keep. We can also produce an exciting photo/video montage and provide LED up-lighting effects to enhance the look of the wedding reception room. 

SAVE MONEY... BUNDLE our Wedding services:

Wedding DJ services in Scottsdale
Photo Booth services in Scottsdale
Wedding Photography services in Scottsdale
Wedding Videography services in Scottsdale
Wedding Photo Montage services in Scottsdale
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DJ Services:

We will provide the proper wedding music and play any music/songs you request, from minute the first guests’ arrive to the conclusion of your ceremony (Prelude, Processional, Unity Candle, Recessional, and any special event music you require/request). We will also include a wireless microphone, for the person conducting the wedding ceremony, so everyone at the service, can hear the spoken words during the wedding ceremony. Our professional DJs have many years of experience and knowledge understanding and following your instructions for your wedding day as you want. A week prior to your event date, the assigned DJ entertainer will meet (or talk on the phone), with you to review your paperwork to make sure your Wedding day runs smoothly so you don't have to worry. The time we spend with you is included in the total price of the contracted price. Your entertainer (DJ/MC) will play the music you requested, conduct the events/games/contests throughout the evening, you requested, and be interactive, as needed. 

wedding cost in scottsdale

We will provide the proper wedding music and play any music/songs you request, from minute the first guests’ arrive to the conclusion of your ceremony (Prelude, Processional, Unity Candle, Recessional, and any special event music you require/request). We will also include a wireless microphone, for the person conducting the wedding ceremony, so everyone at the service, can hear the spoken words during the wedding ceremony.

Cocktail Hour:

If you plan on having a cocktail hour prior to your reception, we can provide the music & sound during this time. You can choose the music or we can recommend a music program.


We will supply all of the music, soundlights and hosting at your wedding celebration. Prior to your event, a personal meeting will be arranged to go over all of the music & events you want, and don’t want. We listen to you – It’s your special wedding day!

Rehearsal Dinner (on a separate Day):

As an option, we can come out to your rehearsal dinner and play music, provide a wireless microphone, and/or show a photo montage, on a large screen, that you can to share with your entire bridal party. Whatever you need, we can make it happen!

A Typical Wedding Reception:

The following list are typical events that take place during most wedding receptions. Each wedding is different and your wedding will be completely customized to your needs and request. Prior to your wedding day, we will help you design the exact selection of events you choose or elect not to perform, in the order you prefer.

  • Introductions  Individually introduce the bridal party ending with a standing ovation for the Bride and Groom.

  • Dinner Music  DJ will play wide variety of hand-selected music played at the proper “conversation” volume level.

  • Toasts/Speeches The Best man and maid of honor will toast the bride and groom during dinner. The parents and others may request to toast the bride and groom. 

  • First Dance Bride and groom will be called to the center of the dance floor to celebrate their first dance as Husband and Wife.

  • Father/Daughter Dance A special dance/song between the bride and her father. 

  • Mother/Son Dance A special dance/song between the groom and his mother.

  • Bridal Party Dance  The bride and groom will share a special dance with their bridal party.

  • Open Dance Floor Party Time! The DJ will play your requested music from your list and music to the vibe of the crowd. 

  • Cake Cutting  The bride and groom cut the cake and guests will be asked to gather around to cheer them on.  

  • Garter Belt & Bouquet Toss (Optional) Garter is removed from the brides leg by the groom. Bride tosses the bouquet to the single ladies called to the dance floor. The single guys will be called to the dance floor as the groom tosses the garter belt. 

  • Garter Exchange (Optional) The gentleman who caught the garter belt will put it on the lady who caught the bouquet.

  • Anniversary Dance (Optional) All of the married couples will be invited to the dance floor for a special dance. During these songs, by process of elimination, we will determine who is the longest married couple.

  • Honeymoon Dance (a.k.a. The Money or Dollar Dance) (Optional) The maid of honor and the best man to join the bride and groom on the dance floor. We introduce the honeymoon dance to your guests as their personal one on one with the bride and groom. It is a dollar or more to dance as the ladies line up behind the best man to dance with the groom and the guys line up behind the maid of honor to dance with the bride. The best man and maid of honor will collect the money as the DJ keeps the line moving.

  • Last Dance (Optional) The last dance of the evening between the bride and groom, and remaining guests. 

To learn more about our DJ/MC services and options, click here.

Photo Booth:

Our Green Screen Photo Booths are very popular at wedding receptions. A customized printout will be created for your wedding with your theme colors and design. The photo print out immediately at the booth and we will provide a copy to everyone! To learn more about our wedding reception photo booths and options, click here.


Our wedding photographers will capture the images during the most important events at your wedding ceremony and wedding reception. We can take photos at the wedding ceremony service, and/or candid photos prior or after, depending on your timeline, plus all of the photos at your wedding reception. Read more about our wedding photography services, click here.


The professional wedding videographers at Party Masters will capture the best moments of your wedding ceremony and wedding reception. Capture the live action at your wedding with our HD professional cameras (4K available too). A video is something to keep the memories alive in addition to the wedding photographer. See the details about our videography services, click here.

Photo/Video Montage:

Share your favorite photos and videos with your guests at your wedding reception with Party Masters PixVid™ photo montage services. You provide us with your photos and videos and we will create an awesome fun-filled montage production to show at your wedding reception. We can supply the screen and projector or flat screens. Whatever you need, we can create it and show it. Learn more about our wedding photo montage services, click here.

LED Lighting Effects:

Party Masters can transform the plain walls in your wedding reception room with any color LED up-lighting effects you want. Up-lighting effect are inexpensive and make the entire wedding reception room match your colors with class and style. We also offer custom monogram (gobo) projection images with your name (bride/groom) shining on the dance floor or any wall you choose. Check out more here.

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