Video Screens / Projectors

Need a big screen/projector or large TV flat screen at your event to display a photo montage, photos/images, videos, TV/movie, or PowerPoint presentation? We have a variety of screens from 50" flat screens to front/rear projection screens (with high powered projectors) from 72" to 150" Diagonal. 

Screen / Projector Options:
  • Basic Front Tri-Pod Screen Projection (72" diagonal screen) (2500+ Lumens, video projector) 

  • Flat Screen TV monitor (50", 55" or 60"diagonal) mounted on a truss or tri-pod stand

  • Rear or Front Screen Projection (110" diagonal screen) (2500+ Lumens, video projector) - Basic Stand

  • Rear or Front Screen Projection (110" or 150" diagonal screen) (2500+ Lumens, video projector) - 10' Trusses system

All video systems listed above include electrical cables, video cables (HDMI), and audio cables for connecting to speakers (existing or from Party Masters) and projector stand (if needed), plus delivery, setup and pickup. 

We have You Covered!
  • Need a PC/Mac Laptop or DVD (Blu-Ray/HD) player to show your videos?

  • Need a tech person at your event to manage your videos?

  • Need a video production (photo montage, presentation (PowerPoint), etc, created? 

To discuss your needs for a video screen and/or projector, contact us: Here

110" rear screens w/ 10' Truss + LED lights
A great set up for ANY event. LARGE 110" diagonal HD screen mounted between two 10' tall trusses w/ LED lights (any color)
110" rear screen on stand
110" rear screen projection on stand (Top of screen is 7' off the ground)
Dual 50" Flat Screen on Truss w/ LED Lights
Our most popular screen set up. TWO 50" flat screen HD TVs mounted on our 10' trusses with LED lights (Any color)
Single 50" Flat Screen + Truss w/ LED Light
Great for presentations, montages, and any video. Stand and screen can be placed anywhere in the room or outside.
Front (pull up) screen 90" diagonal
Perfect for showing any presentations to a group of 100 people. Clear HD FRONT projection.
150" diagonal rear screen on 10'x12' trusses
This Super large 150" diagonal screen is perfect for large outdoor events. Movie nights, music videos, anything!
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