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Truss 10' unit for lights


Truss structure unit

Add Metal trusses to your event. These are widely used at concerts and events that require professional set ups and super strong structures to hold video screens, Lighting effects or a large disco mirror ball. These can be configured and constructed in just about about any size. The truss segments come in 2'6", 5' and 10' long sections. So, use your imagination or let the experts at Party Masters design and suggest a few ideas to you.

Truss components are perfect for mounting and displaying flat screen TVs, large rear or front projection screens (100" - 150" diagonal), our super large mirror ball, and any lighting effects. Plus, trusses can be lit up from the bottom (any color) using our LED up-lighting fixtures (wireless). Trusses can also be wrapped with a thin stretchy material to cover the industrial look of the truss. Trusses are great for outdoor events, and sometimes the only option for certain events. 

For more details and information, contact us to discuss all of the options on Trussing for your next event. 

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