LED Custom Neon Signs

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Your Name in Lights

Imagine your name, company, phrase, custom design, or logo in LED color LIGHTS! Looks like Neon lights, but this is a new rubberized LED strip that can be molded into whatever you want for a lot less and safer (energy efficient) than old fashion neon signs.


These signs are 100% customized by YOU! Your name, business name, even a special design, graphic, drawing or logo.


  • AFFORDABLE! BEST prices on all custom designed LED signs.

  • 100% CUSTOMIZED! Your text, design, logo... Font style, Size, and Color(s)... whatever you want... we can create it in LED lights!

  • QUICK! 2 Week turnaround time, once you create, place, and pay for your order.

  • DISPLAY AT YOUR EVENT! Your sign will shine and draw attention from everyone!

  • YOU KEEP THE SIGN after your event - IT'S YOURS!

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Create and build your custom LED sign using the order form below. 

Questions or need help.... please reach out to us HERE

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