Beautiful and Professional photo/video
montage productions for any occasion 

Weddings • Birthdays • Anniversaries • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs • Reunions • Retirements • Company/Corporate Events • Memorials • Any event

Imagine taking all of your favorite photos (actual prints and/or digital files), old and new, and putting them into a non-stop slide show that you can share with your family and friends at anytime you want. It’s possible with our exclusive PixVid™ (photo montage, picture-video montage, photo slide show) services. Choose your favorite photo prints and/or digital files, and videos, provide them to us, and we will create a custom montage, including text, graphics, and your favorite music! Delivered to you on as a private digital file to download and on a DVD (HD) disc (Optional).

How It Works:

Simply gather all of your favorite photos, physical prints and/or digital*, fill out our "easy to use" PixVid™ montage instruction worksheet (we provide to you), and deliver the files to us at least 30 days prior to your event date, and we will get working on it. That's it - Simple!

Do you have VIDEO footage?

You can add any video footage/segments to your photo montage production. Simply provide the video file(s) to us when submitting your photo files. If it's not edited, we can edit it. Additional production fees may apply for additional editing. 

*Digital formats accepted: CD, DVD, USB Flash Memory stick/drive, Secure Digital (SD), & most digital media cards, plus digital downloads using Dropbox and other sharing services. 

What We Do:

We take your physical photo prints and scan them into digital files. If you have all digital files, great, no scanning! We organize your digital photo (and video) files, you provide to us, and put them in the order you want (according to your worksheet). Our professional staff, will design/create a custom slideshow Photo/video montage production, exclusively for you, exactly how you want it! We will include any text, graphics, and music, you provide to us on your worksheet. Our expert production staff is here to help you and answer any questions. Once your worksheet and photo/video files are provided to us, we will review everything with you to make sure we create and  design the perfect photo montage you envision, to share with family and friends for a lifetime!

What You Get:

  • A "Private" link to the completed montage production, for you to download and share with others to view online. 

  • 1 Copy on DVD (HD)* If requested. 

  • Your digital individual enhanced photo files (if physical prints are provided) sent to your via Dropbox download.


NOTE: Your photos (prints and/or digital discs/cards) provided to us, will all be returned at the time your PixVid™ project is delivered to you on your event date.

Our Prices & Packages

Photo/Video Montage - Slide Show PixVid™ Packages & Prices:

  • PixVid 50 Up to 50 Photos: $250

  • PixVid 75 Up to 75 Photos: $350

  • PixVid 100 Up to 100 Photos: $450

  • PixVid 100 + Over 100 photos: Call for price

Show your Montage at Your Event.

Party Masters can provide the video screens, projector, TV monitors, or whatever you need, to show your montage at your event at the time you want. We will also connect this to our sound system (or a sound system you provide), so everyone can enjoy your Photo Montage PixVid™ slideshow production.

Did You Know?

Slide Show Montage presentations are very popular at most events. Always a hit with friends, family and guests. 

Weddings • Birthdays • Anniversaries • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs • Reunions • Retirements • Company/Corporate Events • Memorials • Any event

PixVid™ Makes Great Gifts!

Order copies of your production to share with your friends, family, coworkers, whoever! We’ll make exact digital DVD copies including the packaging and artwork, or simply share it online with the link we provide to you.

Professional Production.

The Photo Montage Production staff at Party Masters will carefully produce a wonderful and professional montage production for you and your guests will enjoy at your event. We have the tools and training to produce, design and deliver a professional quality and overall complete production (photo editing & color correction, music selection, editing and video production) utilizing the strict PixVid™ photo montage services and slideshow services guidelines. PixVid™ Composing excellence in studio production. 

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